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Tanzania Peaberry

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This lot is a blend of peaberries comprised of the deliveries of smallholder farmers located in the area around Mbeya, Tanzania. Each farmer owns an average of 0.4 hectares of land, and deliver their ripened cherry to a central processing unit run by an AMCOS, an agricultural marketing cooperative society. This lot contains coffee from four AMCOS: Bahanko, Mshewe, Muungano, and Utengule. The coffee is delivered in cherry form and depulped upon sorting. Then they are given a fermentation for a maximum of 72 hours, weather-depending, before being washed and dried on raised beds for 10–14 days

Roast Level Light-Medium
Region:Mbeya, Songwe
Farm:Various smallholder farmers
Variety:Bourbon, Kent
Altitude:1200–1260 masl
Taste like:
Sweet, savory and citric with toffee, sugarcane juice, grapefruit flavors and a creamy mouthfeel."

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